The Vine’s 4 Key Words:










     The first three words speak volumes of what it means to be a believer and were modeled by Jesus.  May we learn to Love like He loves; Serve like He served; Trust and believe God in the way He completely trusted His Father.  And may we respond to by giving Him a life of worship.

The Vine has 4 core convictions:


1. We honor and serve the King.


     It’s not about us.


We live by grace through faith—one day at a time—for His glory.

2. We serve our community and our neighbor.


We believe God has called to serve in our community, neighborhoods and workplaces, and in doing so—build a relational bridge so that people can find their way back to God.  We engage and serve our neighbors so that they may experience the very heart of God through us.


3.  We want to be known as “the church that helps.”


     Helping the poor, the weak, the sick, the broken and hurting among us is central to Jesus’ mission.  We are committed to His mission.


4.  We will be a safe place for people to explore faith and ask whatever questions may be on their heart.


     The Vine is a place where it’s okay to have questions.  We all have had questions, and still have some.

The Marks of The Vine:  Who We Are




1.  We pray like it depends on God—because it does.


We will be a house of prayer.




2.  Christ is our unity factor.


     We realize that God has made us all different—but that we are also family.  We are One in Christ Who “is all and in all.”


     We like to put it this way: “Love Christ. Learn Christ. Live Christ.”




3.  God gets all the credit.


All praise belongs to Him, and we get the amazing privilege of not only praising Him—but serving Him together.

We don’t think less of ourselves; we think of ourselves less.




4.  Let us put Christ on display, and show Him to a world that is in desperate need of knowing Him.


May His light shine from us upon those who are in spiritual darkness.




5.  We take risks because God often calls us out of our boat—to step out onto the water in faith.


We don’t want to insult God by playing it safe—nor do we want to pass by God-given opportunities.  We want to listen and be led by His Spirit.


We also realize that failure may be part of the process; however, we desire to learn and grow from opportunities which are often disguised as failures.


In taking risks, we believe big, pray hard, and persevere unto victory knowing that our God is able to do the impossible.




6.  We give because He has given us everything.


We give our gifts, passions and callings to Him for His kingdom purposes.  We are not afraid of creative expression to elevate the Name of Jesus.  We are also committed to give God our best.  Creativity and excellence honors God and inspires people.




7.   We believe laughter is a gift from God.


We are often all too aware of how broken this world is—but there is, by His Spirit, a heart of joy in knowing and celebrating the One True God Who is Always with us.

Core Beliefs


We want to make the main thing, the main thing.  We will not major in the minors.  We are orthodox in belief on the main things, but we may be unorthodox how we live out the details.  On occasion, differences may arise on peripheral issues in which we may discuss and perhaps disagree—but we need never divide on these peripheral issues.  We are family.  We are One in Him.


God’s Word


1.  God’s Word is 66 love letters written to each one He loves (That’s you!).  God is crazy about you.  From His infinitely good heart, God gives His Word to bless you beyond anything you could ever imagine.

     God’s Word is the greatest story ever:  the story of God and how He loves people.  Amazingly, He invites us into His eternal story of victory to experience His love without limit and to experience with others an adventure that is God-given, God-ordained and God-breathed.  God’s Story/His Word is without error and demonstrates without a doubt—that He has your best interests at heart more than anyone ever has or ever will.  God is unquestionably for you.  His very Words are extraordinarily great news—if we understand what He is saying.  God’s Word (The Bible) is our guide and final authority for all of life and faith. (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:20-21 and John 17:17).


The Way to Begin a Relationship with God


2.  Jesus Christ is the only way to have a relationship with God.  It’s never been about religion.  It’s always been about relationship—a relationship with the God Who made us and loves us and wants to bring us into His family, and His story forever.  All people are separated from God and face the horrible possibility of eternal separation from God and all that is good.  But by God’s overwhelming grace (His undeserved kindness), a saving relationship with God is available simply by trusting in Christ, apart from any human works.  By His grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, we are saved. (John 14:6, Acts 4:12, Acts 16:31, John 3:3-6, John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Isaiah 64:6).

     Jesus Christ died for our sins as a substitutionary atoning sacrifice.  Those who believe in Him are justified on the basis of His shed blood.  He took our place to pay a debt which we could never pay.  No matter how many “good or religious things” we do, we can never be made right with God by our own efforts.  Trusting in Christ is how we join the story—His story—and we begin to live out what He has written on our hearts.


True Security is in God’s Family.


3.  We believe those born again by the Spirit of God (at the moment of trusting in Christ) have eternal security and can never be lost or separated from God (John 6:37, John 10:27-30, Romans 5:1-11, Romans 8:14-17;29-39, Ephesians 1:13 and Hebrews 13:5).  God will never ever turn His back on those who have come into His family.


The Deity of Christ


4. Jesus is God. It is absolutely stunning.  God walked among us to complete the greatest rescue mission ever.  He was not afraid to come into this severely broken world and deal directly with all of our mess—even at a shocking cost to Himself.  Therefore, He knows our pain.  He understands. (John 1:1, John 8:58, Exodus 3:14, etc.)


The Trinity


5.  The Father is God.  The Son is God.   The Holy Spirit is God.  And, God is One.  The three Persons of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) constitute the One True God.  The concept of the Trinity is not easy to comprehend because God is infinite, and we humans are finite.  However, this is how the One True Living God reveals Himself in His Word (Deuteronomy 6:4, John 1:1, John 8:58, Exodus 3:14, Isaiah 45:5; 43:10-12, Acts 5:3-4).