Our Life Groups:


lightstock_154902_xsmall_erik_ The Vine is all about relationships.

     God has designed us for relationships—and not just superficial acquaintances.

     God has put in every human heart the desire to be known and loved by Him and others—and to also know and love God, and others in a deeper way.

     At The Vine, we strongly emphasize small groups because God teaches us that true spiritual growth only happens in the context of real relationships.

     We call our small groups “life groups.”

     In these life groups, the biblical model of the church achieves a fuller expression as we pray for one another, encourage one another, help one another, laugh with one another, serve with one another, and love one another through the challenges of life.

     We are wholeheartedly “for one another” (as God is), and we have each other’s back (as God does).

     We advocate “the freemarket approach” to life groups which means the group leaders are free to use a variety resource materials (books, videos, etc.) of their own choosing as long as it consistent with our beliefs.

     The common thread that knits our groups together is Jesus Christ.

     We also believe that groups that have a shared interest facilitate relationships and growth.  We plan to have diverse groups that may include groups that share a connection through a sports team, art collaborative, hiking and other nature pursuits, exercise, service opportunities, and so on.

     Perhaps, you are called to lead a life group. If you desire to lead a life group, contact us.  We will give you the assistance necessary—including a very brief basic training and continuing support from our leaders.

     Our small groups will continue for a time and season, with definite beginning and ending points (fall, spring and early summer semesters), that take into account the rhythms of contemporary life and the basic understanding that everyone needs a break.


     We also plan to have “Soul Disciple” and “Face2Face” groups of 3 to 6 people for those who want to go deeper into relationship with God and others. In addition, we will offer “Next Step” classes for spiritual growth at all levels.