Missions: 2 Places in God’s Heart 4 Us

Lakota Kids

     Jesus places a high priority in missions. We agree.

     We believe that God has called us do His work among people in need.

     By His grace, God has called us to honor, serve and pray for the Lakota Nation at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, one of the most poverty-stricken areas in America.

      We have established relationships with some Oglala Lakota leaders and other ministries that serve this very special Native American tribe who are a courageous people that have a deep love of family.

     Some of our people have already led or participated in serving the Lakota at Pine Ridge. We look forward to serving the Lakota in the future.

     God has also called us to serve the people in Haiti. We have established relationships with people who already serve in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

     We are praying for God’s leading in what His specific plans are for us in regard to this nation.


     Locally, we are already involved in serving the homeless and needy in our immediate community and nearby communities. We are currently providing bread and other food items to the following ministries:
-Bethesda Cares
-The Salvation Army
-The Women’s Shelter & Men’s Shelters in Rockville (Interfaith Works)
-Community Vision (Silver Spring)
-Catonsville Men’s Shelter
-Frederick Rescue Mission
-Crossroads Freedom Center
-and to assorted families.


We are also exploring the possibility of partnering with a Christian recovery ministry near Frederick.